An Extra Club In Your Bag!
Visualizing The Perfect Golf Shot

An Extra Club In Your Bag!


When working with premier golf instructor, Jim Hardy, ranked by both Golf and Golf Digest magazines, he made the following profound statement, for the benefit of readers:

         “If you’re not improving at golf, it’s not your fault.”

Like me, Jim was upset by the lack of experience of non-Professional Golfers of Association teachers, and the common mistake of many teachers to mix fundamentals geared exclusively to two-plane swingers, to one-plane swingers, and vice versa.

While I still believe this is true, what’s worse is that almost all of what are cited as basics, and have been taught to students for over 125 years, are outdated. Super-Golfers, such as Tiger and Brooks Koepka play according to what I identify and explain in my new book, Enjoy Golf, to be available in 2020, are Millennial Fundamentals.  Learn these new basics and you will improve, I am sure, particularly the one I refer to as the fifteenth club.

Too much time has been spent on taking lessons on swing technique. One of the best teachers of golf ever, Claude Harmon, Sr. made a point of teaching golf, not swing.

One of the new basics involves only the mental side of golf, as I have reported on in a previous blog, with hypnosis a part of this.

What I did not elaborate on is your need to visualize yourself making your very own perfect swing, when you set up to the ball before you swing. What you should see is the type of swing you want to make to hit a particular shot; such as an inside-to-inside swing to hit a right-to-left draw.

The reason pros feared Jack Nicklaus and felt they were playing for second when he was in the field, particularly in major championships, was that Jack never hit any shot until he saw himself make the perfect swing, and hit the perfect shot for the course situation he faced, such as a fade-swing to hit a left-to-right fade-shot around the corner of a dogleg right.

Your Lesson as you move into a new year of golf:

 Visualize your ideal swing and ideal shot before you start the club back and your game will take a big stride forward, particularly if you book one lesson prior to the start of the year with a sports psychologist and/or buy a copy of Enjoy Golf. And never forget that a well-trained golfing mind is the 15th club in your bag, and just might be the most important.

Enjoy Golf
John Andrisani

John Andrisani

Former senior instruction editor at GOLF Magazine, writer of around one-hundred articles on putting in publications worldwide, and author of 40 how-to golf books, including  The Short Game Magic of Tiger Woods and Hogan on the Green.
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