Cool Memories

Just to show you how the creative mind works, I was thinking back of past presidents, and the image of John F. Kennedy employing that fluid wrist-controlled swing on the links of Hyannis Port, sunglasses on, white pants and conservative Izod shirt, brown, well-worn Foot-Joy shoes, all contributing to his cool look, came to mind.

And his looking cool, triggered the idea to write a book, entitled, Golf Cool, with photographs, of course, necessary to bring home the coolness of all.

This is the list of characters I came up with.

Feel free to add to this copyrighted list, just don’t even think about stealing my idea for a book or my intellectual property lawyer will be in touch.

Don’t worry, though, he’s a cool cat. He will give you time to go back to your day job and forget about becoming an author.

Here’s the good news, if you add a player to the list, and it is accepted by me, not only will you get credit in my book, you will be mentioned on the website, and receive a free specially-designed LinksWalker golf ball.

Enjoy Golf
John Andrisani

List Of Golfs Cool Memories

Glen Campbell

Had his
own golf tournament.

Billy Casper

For going on a Buffalo meat diet and losing fifty pounds.

Alice Cooper

For trading destructive alcoholism for a healthy golf addiction.

Bing Crosby

Held a clambake and tournament out on the west coast, at Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, and Spyglass, and died happy, on a golf course in Spain.

John Daly

For employing the wildest golf swing and wearing the wildest colored clothes on the Champions’ Tour.

Sammy Davis Jr

Had his own golf tournament.

Clint Eastwood

For sitting in the CBS booth, with Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo, and making some intelligent and interesting comments during the 2019 U.S. Open championship at Pebble Beach; that is, when the laid-back Dirty Harry spoke.

Ricky Fowler

For setting a record, wearing the biggest size cap of all time on tour.

Walter Hagen

For showing up at a tour event in a Rolls Royce and coming up with the saying: “Don’t forget to smell the flowers,” as a way of telling golfers not to take the game too seriously.

Katherine Hepburn

Whenever she was in town, enjoyed playing the golf course on the lip of her Old Saybrook, Connecticut home.

Ben Hogan

Very cool for the way he stood staring at the target, like a gunslinger, puffing on a cigarette and dressed in stylish, super-comfortable, Hickey Freeman clothes.

Bob Hope

Had his own golf tournament.

Bobby Jones

Remembered for the golf instructional films he made with Hollywood stars.

Tony Lema

The late great British Open champion, who celebrated each tournament win with champagne for all.

Nancy Lopez

For overcoming the odds, being taught golf by her Mexican father, then making it to number one on the LPGA and accepted into the Hall of Fame.

Bill Murray

For his great performance as the green-keeper in the hit movie, Caddyshack.

Arnold Palmer

Cool for the way he hitched up his trousers before hitting a shot, and for just being Arnie, with an Army rooting for him all of the time.

Gary Player

For dressing in black and looking stylish, in route to winning all four major championships.

Cliff Roberts

The Wall Street giant who was the co-founder of Augusta National, home of the Masters Tournament, for insisting at meetings with CBS, who covered the event, that he have a plate of Oreo cookies by his place at the conference table. Moreover, while others were in deep discussion, he coolly separated the black cookie from the white icing.

Doug Sanders

His closet containing hundreds of pairs of colorful golf shoes, including pink, green, purple, yellow, and blue.

Payne Stewart

For dressing in Plus-Fours and wearing outfits representing NFL teams, when playing on the PGA Tour.

Jan Stephenson

Pretty cool for bringing sex appeal to the LPGA Tour.

Tiger Woods

Very cool for his Sunday, red shirt tradition.

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