Cool Memories

Just to show you how the creative mind works, I was thinking back of past presidents, and the image of John F. Kennedy employing that fluid wrist-controlled swing on the links of Hyannis Port, sunglasses on, white pants and conservative Izod shirt, brown, well-worn Foot-Joy shoes, all contributing to his cool look, came to mind.

And his looking cool, triggered the idea to write a book, entitled, Golf Cool, with photographs, of course, necessary to bring home the coolness of all.

This is the list of characters I came up with.

Feel free to add to this copyrighted list, just don’t even think about stealing my idea for a book or my intellectual property lawyer will be in touch.

Don’t worry, though, he’s a cool cat. He will give you time to go back to your day job and forget about becoming an author.

Here’s the good news, if you add a player to the list, and it is accepted by me, not only will you get credit in my book, you will be mentioned on the website, and receive a free specially-designed LinksWalker golf ball.

Enjoy Golf
John Andrisani

List Of Golfs Cool Memories

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