Fearsome Foresome
Your Choice Of A Fearsome Foresome

Fearsome Foresome


One rainy day, when a member of Sara Bay Country Club, in Sarasota, Florida, between drinks and a long game of Liar’s Poker, played as you might know with numbers on a dollar bill representing a player’s hand, somehow we got into the subject of golf course playing partners, each answering the question:


What three players would you choose to be grouped with to establish your ideal foursome?

My answer: The Pope, Tiger Woods, and John F. Kennedy.

The most creative answer, given by one of my fellow members: Jesus Christ, Lucifer, and Marilyn Monroe.

The most unexpected answer, from a member of my club who said he’d rather watch the ideal foursome play and hear what they had to say, rather than play himself, named this foursome: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Death, Famine, War, and Conquest.

The answer given to the question about one’s ideal foursome, can tell you a lot about the person providing the answer. Just like finding out that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, a mystery man yet to be identified for sure, and Devon Archer, who with Hunter was a member of the Ukranian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings, playing golf in the Hamptons, on eastern Long Island, can tell a keen observer and investigator a lot about what’s really going on inside and outside the world of Washington politics.

In my book, Everything I Learned About People, I Learned From A Round Of Golf, I wrote a lot about studying golfers, when a guest of a member of a private club or public course, or when hosting a guest/s at my private club.

I’d be curious to hear your Fab Four choices, with and without you in the foursome.

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John Andrisani

John Andrisani

Former senior instruction editor at GOLF Magazine, writer of around one-hundred articles on putting in publications worldwide, and author of 40 how-to golf books, including  The Short Game Magic of Tiger Woods and Hogan on the Green.

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