Fun Facts!

Always good to have some interesting tidbits at you disposal to impress friends distract opponents or simply to show how much you enjoy the game.

  • Did you know… that Royal Ashdown Forest golf course in England features no sand bunkers, in line with an ordinance that makes them illegal?

Only grass bunkers guard greens and are scattered throughout the course that is challenging enough, to say the least! I know I played the course when living in England and a member of the Plus-4 Society for 4 handicap players and under.

  • Did you know… that a blind golfer shot 85 around the St. Andrews Old Course?

Pat Browne, Jr. did just that. So much for having to keep your eyes on the golf ball!



  • Did you know… that a pro by the name of Al Geiberger, who shot 59 in a PGA Tour event used to carry peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in his bag and nibble at them during the round for sustaining power?

Yeaterday’s power bar?

  • Did you know…  that a famous golfer used the small British golf ball to win The Open Championship (British Open) at Royal Birkdale in 1961? Who and what size golf ball?

Arnold Palmer. 1.62 inches in diameter versus the 1.68 inch American golf ball. Small ball banned in 1974.