Most Incredible Golfing Feat
Well hit golf ball about to go into hole

Most Incredible Golfing Feat

Great and Greatest Hole-in-One Moments  

At age 15, on the Par-3 ninth hole of the Tall Tree Country Club course in Rocky Point, Long Island, I hit a six-iron straight at the flagstick, watched the ball take a couple of bounces and roll straight into the hole.

Fifty-five years later, I have yet to make another “ace,” coming very close, several times, yet no cigar. To this day, my shot at Tall Tree rates as one of my greatest shots, namely because the shot I hit was a once in a lifetime “Perfect Shot,” never wavering from a line directly to the hole. All skill, no luck.

Well, when you hear the story of Cardinals pitching coach Mike Maddux, making two hole-in-one shots today (10-14-19) during the same round; scoring his first ace, with a hybrid club, on the Par-3 third hole of the front nine White Course of Washington’s Army Navy Country Club; his second ace, with an eight iron on the fourth hole of the second nine Blue Course of Washington’s Army Navy Country Club. The odds of accomplishing such a feat: 67 million to one.

You probably think that this accomplishment is the rarest all-time golfing feat. If so, respectfully, you are wrong!

What Arnold Palmer did in 1986, on the Avenel Stadium Course of the Tournament Players Club in Maryland, venue for the Chrysler Cup PGA Seniors Tournament, was right out of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and still ranks as the most incredible of golfing feats.

On the 187 yard Par-3 third hole, Arnold Palmer hit his tee shot into the hole, with a 5 iron – Two Days Running!      

What’s your best hole-in-one story? Let me know.

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John Andrisani

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