New Book – Enjoy Golf !
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New Book – Enjoy Golf !

FUTURISTIC FORECASTS – How long golf can be enjoyed by millions will depend on the environmental work forward by Millennial and Post-Millennial Golfers  –  

At 70 years of age, having invested sixty years of my life in the game of golf; teaching golf, writing about golf and the golf swing, and playing golf, sadly, I don’t think I’ve got all that many years left in me. This is one chief reason why I decided to write Enjoy Golf! – the 35th book written by me or in collaboration with a co-author, namely a top golf teacher, golf tour-pro, or top rules’ official.

Because Enjoy Golf! – now completed, and in the process of finding the best publisher to produce this work – may just be my last or next to last book, I feel I owe it to the game of golf to give something back, for all the enjoyment and enlightenment golf has brought me, for so often does the game act as a pleasurable elixir or mirror into one’s soul and true self.

Enjoy Golf! fills a gap, addressing the biggest golf audiences ignored by golf’s hierarchy – the 6.4 million Millennial golfers and the Post-Millennial golfers representing the highest percentage of the 2.5 million persons new to golf, before it is too late – fearful that we shall lose them, just as we’ve lost a hold on women golfers who now only account for about 25 percent of the 25 million golfers in America.

In Enjoy Golf! I put forth fresh golf instruction, namely new fundamentals to replace outdated fundamentals, and reveal the true secret to golf that is part of a larger formula for tapping into the subconscious and learning to swing on automatic pilot.

Furthermore, this new book addresses the golfer who seeks playing just a decent game, via simple instruction, or golfers that seek the ambitious goals of either playing to a low handicap or going from a low handicap to a scratch handicap, via more advanced sophisticated instructional tips.

Further still, in Enjoy Golf! I teach these audiences the language of “Golf-speak”, via instructional and non-instructional words and phrases, defined.

What really sets this book apart, however, and shall prove attractive and helpful to my targeted audiences, is that I ask Millennial and Post-Millennial golfers to take on responsible roles in order to save the golf environment and the natural settings of golf courses we love so much.

As a harbinger of what is to come, let me explain.

I plead with Millennial and Post-Millennial golfers to take charge of making sure public course golf professionals and private club course managers make arrangements for scuba divers to, on a regular basis, remove the multitude of non-biodegradable golf balls from on-course lakes and canals meandering through courses and stocked with fish. And, too, that caddies, prior to playing on Caddy Day Monday of each week, remove these from any streams and creeks running through golf courses.

It is critical that golf balls be removed from water before deteriorating and breaking down, with fish, for example, eating and digesting these harmful particles; a bad situation, made worse when members fish in, say, golf course streams, then eat what they catch.

I have witnessed scuba divers, hired by the golf pro or course manager of a public or private course, retrieving golf balls from on-course lakes and canals, and also greens-keeping staff members fishing golf balls out of streams and creeks. The fact is, though, these sightings are far too rare, and far too important, environmentally (particularly during a time when removing plastic from bodies of water is a priority), to not be monitored by course hierarchy for the sake of all of us, with Millennial and Post-Millennial golfers leading the charge, and I advise them of this in Enjoy Golf!

To fully appreciate this problem, think about sitting down for lunch or dinner in an exotic area of the world, say, at a restaurant located where the yachts dock, in Cannes, France. And, having finished your appetizer of Oysters’ Rockefeller, to go with your glass of Dom Perignon champagne, you’re waiting for your blackened redfish main course to arrive.

The waiter comes to your table and removes the cover to a sterling silver server holding what you expect is your anticipated wonderful dish. However, what you see taking the place of your redfish is a deteriorated plastic bottle of Evian water, covered in old, environmentally-harmful tangled fishing filament surrounded by risotto rice with shaved truffles and asparagus.

Let’s not let this be the new generation of a gourmet fish dinner.

I also want Millennial and Post-Millennial golfers to please check that their home course’s greens-keeping staff are using insecticides and weed-killers that are acceptable according to the strict standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency, and all other major agencies established to safeguard the environment. And if not, to write letters, make phone calls, and send e-mails to the proper agencies and congressmen, asking them to please act in solving these environmental issues.

To appreciate the seriousness of this problem, listen to the upcoming short, yet true, story, I recall hearing about when first moving to Florida, yet still working for GOLF Magazine, as a senior editor and commuting to New York City for monthly meetings.

A woman resident of a very exclusive country club near Orlando, Florida, where Tiger Woods once lived, yet that I choose not to name, sued and won a settlement, because her dearly loved dog had drank out of the lake behind her golf course community home and Died; the water tainted with poisonous insecticides used on the golf course by the greens-keeping staff.

Think about how even more tragic this would have been if, say, a young girl or boy, swimming, swallowed the poisonous water and died.

Let’s not let the future of golf course water be poisoned by non-conforming insecticides, and let’s push the right political buttons to solve the issues of Red Tide and Flesh-Eating Bacteria that are new problems plaguing the environment and sneaking into golf course waters.

Enjoy Golf – forever – one day at a time, by being environmentally savvy, and investing in my new book, Enjoy Golf! And I’m always interested in hearing what golfing folks like you have to say.

Enjoy Golf
John Andrisani

John Andrisani

Former senior instruction editor at GOLF Magazine, writer of around one-hundred articles on putting in publications worldwide, and author of 40 how-to golf books, including  The Short Game Magic of Tiger Woods and Hogan on the Green.

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