Out Of Bounds… For Sure!

Out Of Bounds… For Sure!

LIVING THE LINKS – Good or Bad Idea for Golf Lovers?  

I read a story recently, on-line, by Alex Myers, about a Pennsylvania man pulling a gun on an intruder; a golfer who hit an off-target drive out-of-bounds and went searching for his golf ball “behind enemy lines, which is now how this golfer likely refers to the area of private property between posts marking a boundary of a golf course and a person’s home.

According to Myers – who I, as a writer-editor, commend for his ability to sniff out a real story, which is what I try to do, rather than write a run-of-the-mill blog – the homeowner, who may or may not be the owner of a brand new golf ball, albeit one showing evidence of a mishit, in the form of a scar, will be cited; at least, that is what he said State Police said.

While I certainly do not condone, in any way, or for any reason, the homeowner’s alleged action of pulling out a gun, when simply telling the golfer walking on his private property is considered trespassing, and to please exit, immediately, I know what it feels like to have strangers invading one’s golf course property. Moreover, I can understand why living on the links is, with every passing year, becoming less and less popular, especially in Florida, where golfers that hit the ball “Oscar Bravo” – golf-speak slang signifying Out-of-Bounds – and go looking to retrieve their expensive golf balls, can also find themselves wrestling an alligator or python, in addition to being confronted by a person guarding their home.

Moving from New York to Florida, years back, my first order of business was to realize the dream of buying a home, bordering a golf course, and playing year-round, rather than being cut off, totally from golf, due to the freezing cold winters, when courses in the entire northeast are covered in snow during December, January, February, and sometimes March.

Looking back, the dream of living on the links, turned out to be one big nightmare.

After experiencing the super-scary sounds of golf balls shattering windows (with one actually flying thorough glass, hitting the baby-grand piano, then bouncing into the kitchen where I was cooking lunch), waiting for insurance companies to deal with the destroyed window, waiting for glass to be replaced, watching players walking in my backyard hunting for golf balls, in addition to their own that was sliced off the tee and found, witnessing golfers retrieving golf balls sliced and bouncing off my roof, into my front yard, reminding golfers peeking in my living room and master bedroom windows googly-eyed that this form of voyeurism was not something that would be welcomed by the local police, and to top things off, having a guy put his face up to the screen of the back patio and ask if I’d seen where his wayward tee shot landed, as if I were his caddy or a tournament ball-spotter – me and my girlfriend realized another dream many, particularly northerners, share: To own a home with a built-in swimming pool.

My advice to those of you who share the dream I once had of living in a home on the golf course: Buy a house, like I did, on Hogan Drive, in a golf community, but off the course, with a really big built-in pool, where splashing sounds are more relaxing than sounds of shattered glass, or…RENT!

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John Andrisani

John Andrisani

Former senior instruction editor at GOLF Magazine, writer of around one-hundred articles on putting in publications worldwide, and author of 40 how-to golf books, including  The Short Game Magic of Tiger Woods and Hogan on the Green.

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