A-Game Golf

Tiger Woods’s amateur coach, a world-renowned expert in youth instruction, provides practical advice and friendly encouragement for golfers just discovering the challenge and the romance of the links.

Release Date:June 2001
Publisher:Doubleday Religious Publishing Group, The
Length:192 Pages
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Tiger Woods’s amateur coach, a world-renowned expert in youth instruction, provides practical advice and friendly encouragement for golfers just discovering the challenge and the romance of the links. Tiger Woods was introduced to golf by his father, Earl, but when it was time to move beyond the basics, Earl turned to his friend, the legendary local public-course professional John Anselmo, to take Tiger to the next plateau. Anselmo’s even-tempered and easygoing style instilled a passion for perfection in Tiger without robbing him of the joys of playing the game. Now, drawing on his time with Tiger and his fifty-plus years of teaching experience, Anselmo has writtenthe definitive guide for golfers of all ages. In “A-Game”Golf, Anselmo outlines the fundamentals, from choosing the first set of clubs to building a reliable swing, to putting and other specific techniques. He avoids the rigidly scientific mentality currently prevalent in golf instruction, offering instead a fun approach that incorporates visualizations and inventive shot-making in playing the course. While encouraging a competitive passion in young golfers, throughout the book Anselmo emphasizes the etiquette of the game and an appreciation for its finer points. He also includes advice for parents on teaching with compassion and sharing their love of golf without placing undue pressure on their kids. John Anselmo’s methods have helped generations of children master the game rapidly and comfortably. “A-Game”Golfwon’t turn everyone into the next Tiger Woods, but it will ensure that players on courses everywhere will enjoy the experience of golf to the fullest.

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  1. John Andrisani

    A-Game Golf
    Quite a lengthy telephone conversation I had with California-based golf instructor John Anselmo, about his unique approach to teaching golf, intrigued me enough to invite him to my home in Orlando, Florida to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a book that, ironically, I had already called A-Game Golf, since Tiger, who is associated most with this type golf, had been a student of John’s from age 10-17.
    During our very first conversation, John set the record straight, laying down a couple of ground rules. John let me know that he despised the common phraseology depended on by most of America’s golf teachers, such as “Shift your weight to the right foot on the backswing.”
    John believed this so-called popular tip promotes a detrimental sway of the body on the backswing, which one rarely recovers from, thereby making square and solid club-to-ball contact, at impact, virtually impossible, unless the golfer is able to make compensatory moves requiring the reflexes of Houdini and flexibility of a contortionist.
    John’s advice, on the other hand, to “Balance the majority of your weight on your right foot and right leg, while rotating your shoulders clockwise, allows the golfer to create power on the backswing, via a rhythmic body turn.
    John also didn’t like the following common phrase used by most golf instructors: “Shift your weight from your right or rear foot to your left foot or front foot, at the start of the downswing.” He preferred to say, “Swing the club down and through, concentrating on balancing your weight on your left foot and leg.”
    Tips like these will help golfers like you clear your heads cluttered with outdated tips, so that you are ready to learn the way Tiger learned – according to John’s simplified language, as well as golf lingo – that’s easier to follow. As a result, the learning process will be accelerated, so that you arrive at the links feeling confident before you even hit balls on the practice range, and when you do hit practice shots and then shots during play, you’ll know, for sure, that there’s a New You playing A-Game Golf.

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