Grip It & Rip It

John Daly’s Guide to Hitting the Ball Farther Than You Ever Have Before


John Daly’s Guide to Hitting the Ball Farther Than You Ever Have Before

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  1. John Andrisani

    Originally, Grip It and Rip It! – the instructional book I collaborated on with John Daly – was planned to teach golfers how to emulate Daly’s very different extra-long swing, controlled more by the hands and wrists than the typical big-muscle pro-swing, yet proven to work wonders, as it did during all four days of the 1991 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick, the long and tough Indiana layout that Daly tamed with a winning 72-hole score of 276, 12-under par.
    Daly’s superb performance, hitting great drives and great iron shots, greatly impressed me, yet the creative short game shots hit close to the hole and pressure putts holed, so impressed me that I knew Grip It and Rip It! had to include additional instruction on pitches, chips, bunker shots, and putts.
    With this adjustment in mind, I let Daly’s management team, as well as photographer Leonard Kamsler, know my original photographic script for our upcoming shoot with Daly, at Lake Nona, in Orlando, Florida, had to be expanded to include photos showing Daly employing unorthodox, yet very effective short game techniques.
    Daly, unlike his fellow pros, depends on soft, “educated” hands and wrists when hitting finesse shots. Therefore, what I was to learn is Daly’s methods feel more natural and thus are easier to repeat than the dead-handed, dead-wristed methods of his fellow pros. It’s no wonder John went on to win the 1995 British Open at St. Andrews, the home of golf, in Scotland.
    While a lot more work and planning went into the book, as a result of including short game instruction, readers like you will surely value greatly, learning new shots and new techniques. That pleases me.

    — John Andrisani

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