Hogan on the Green

For the first time ever, you can learn to putt like the legendary Ben Hogan, the winner of 9 major championships.


Putting is golf’s great equalizer, a seemingly simple aspect of the game whose surprising complexity has vexed both amateurs and pros for centuries. But now, for the first time ever, you can learn to putt like the legendary Ben Hogan, the winner of 9 major championships. Recognized by many as the greatest ball-striker and on-target tee-to-green player of all time, Hogan’s prowess with the flat stick has often gone unnoticed. But Hogan’s proficiency on the greens was like none other when it came to sinking difficult putts under high-stakes tournament conditions. “Hogan on the Green by “John Andrisani presents readers with a comprehensive, illustrated analysis of Hogan’s revolutionary system for sinking short-, medium-, and long-range putts on a variety of surfaces. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions for setup and stroke techniques, as well as tips on putting strategy, practice, and mastering the mental game, this book is a unique and invaluable resource for those looking to perfect their putting. With anecdotal recollections and instructional commentary from those who knew Hogan best, including 1964 US Open champion Ken Venturi and Herbert Warren Wind, Hogan’s collaborator on his classic 1957 bestseller, “Five Lessons, Hogan on the Green “also includes a host of practice drills and a special section of putting lessons from renowned golf coach Claude “Butch” Harmon Jr.

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  1. John Andrisani

    Golfing great, Ben Hogan, missed a couple of critical putts in competition, late in a long career, prompting some golf writers, rather “hacks,” to report that the man known for ice in his veins had contracted a case of the Yips; a condition common to amateur and pro golfers, marked by a super-quick jab-like stroke-action.
    This unjust attack compelled me to write Hogan on the Green; an instruction book in which I reveal, for the first time, Hogan’s one-of-a-kind grip, and other highly effective, highly-efficient elements of his putting technique – the same so-called yip-stroke that will help you putt better and helped the talented Texan win 63 tournaments and 9 major championships!

    — John Andrisani

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