I Am the Walrus

: Confessions and Tips from a Blue-Collar Golfer

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Confessions and Tips from a Blue-Collar Golfer

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  1. John Andrisani

    I Am The Walrus
    During my 16 years working for GOLF Magazine, as instruction editor, senior instruction editor, and consulting editor, I collaborated on articles with big name players from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Champions’ Tour, including several affiliated with our publication as Playing Editors; notably Seve Ballesteros, Johnny Miller, Ben Crenshaw, Ray Floyd, Greg Norman, Chi Chi Rodriguez, and Peter Jacobsen.
    I enjoyed working with these guys and Nancy Lopez and Julie Inkster, who were also on our staff, as well as Jan Stephenson who, like Lopez and Inkster, was a major championship winner.
    Another pro golfer and former winner of the Masters Tournament, in 1982, was Craig Stadler; not officially tied to our staff, but who was the most fun to work with on articles. Craig was most cooperative, too, unless asked to hit a fairway club out of rough. I could not believe it until I witnessed Craig fail at this, over and over.
    Craig, whose nickname was “The Walrus,” never hid his emotions when competing in a tournament or major championship, especially when he made a bad driver-swing, hit a bad iron-approach shot, or missed a short putt.
    Craig had such a temper that it would not have surprised me to see him return to the clubhouse after a round, with a few clubs missing from his golf bag or with some in need of emergency room attention with the on-site club-maker.
    Watching Craig “perform” on a bad day on the links or listening to these stories, you probably thing he’s a Wildman.
    The fact is Craig is one of the calmest guys off the course, a real gentleman with a great sense of humor, very intelligent, and a good family man.
    In collaborating with Craig on the book, I Am The Walrus, I also learned that he is an avid big-game hunter and as serious with a rifle in his hands as Ernest Hemingway when it comes to bagging a prize.
    A blue-collar kind of guy, when returning to camp, Craig loves to sit back and replay in his mind the shoot, gulping down a few beers, just as he loves to do after a round of golf, when reviewing and reliving shots played well or poorly.
    In reading I Am the Walrus, check out more of Craig’s blue-collar ways, even the way he hits some select shots.

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