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Revealing the secrets that Tiger Woods has learned from his family, fellow competitors, and teachers about the significant mental game of golf, an insightful and informative exploration shows readers how to use these same tools and techniques to improve their own game.


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As a young boy, Tiger Woods dominated the junior ranks, winning a record three U.S. Junior Championships in a row. As an amateur, he triumphed again, winning three consecutive U.S. Amateur Championships. And as a pro, he continues to dominate the world of golf, recently becoming the only man in the history of the game to hold four major championship trophies at one time: the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA.

With insightful and intelligent analysis, golf writer John Andrisani reveals for the first time the secrets that Tiger Woods has learned from family, fellow competitors, and teachers about the all-important mental game of golf. Andrisani shows how Earl Woods’s lessons on course-management skills and the art of mental toughness have given his son an important edge over more experienced competitors time and time again; how Tida Woods taught her son the Buddhist values of patience, tenacity, and self-reliance. As well, Andrisani offers insights into the roles of former teachers Rudy Duran and John Anselmo in helping Tiger make the vital connection between mental awareness and good scoring, and how his present teacher, Butch Harmon, is passing on what he learned about the mental side of golf from legends such as Ben Hogan. Additionally, Andrisani shows how Dr. Jay Brunza, a clinical psychologist, has shown Tiger how to enter an intense “cocoon of concentration” while playing competitive golf.

Think Like Tiger gives golf fans a deeper appreciation of Woods’s remarkable mastery of the inner game and shows how these same techniques can be applied to anyone’s game for lasting improvement.

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  1. John Andrisani

    The super-sharp focus Tiger showed on the golf course in route to winning a record four consecutive major championships – 2000 U.S. Open, The Open Championship (a.k.a., British Open), PGA, and the 2001 Masters – convinced me to write the book, Think Like Tiger (2002) , in which I analyzed Tiger’s mental game.
    Tiger’s disciplined attitude, to check the distance to the hole in his yardage book, wind speed, and direction – all to figure out what club to hit – plus the discipline to visualize the ideal shots – before swinging – just like he did, once again, in winning the 2019 Masters, tells me Tiger takes a page out of the book, The Art of War, every times he plays golf competitively, as you should.
    “The general who wins a battle makes many calculations, before the battle is fought.”

    — John Andrisani

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